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Nory Angel

Executive Director & CEO

Birthday: May 5

SER History: 8 years; 5 years as Workforce Director and 3 years as CEO. Originally started in 1998 as the Manager of General Affairs and was here for almost a year before I left and came back in 2003. I also worked at SER during my Xmas breaks from graduate school in 2000 and conducted the job readiness workshops.

Education: University of North Texas (undergrad) and Griffith University (MBA)

Family: parents and a brother

Pets: cat, Chloe

Hometown: Los Angeles

Cultural heritage:  Hispanic. My family is from Central and South America.

Personal motto: My thoughts are creative; so I'd better think positive ones! 

What motivates you?  Seeing our clients graduate from our various educational and training programs and seeing the "light" go off inside of them.

What's on your bucket list? Travel to Bali and India

What is inside your purse/pockets right now?  Too much stuff I don't need

Do you recycle at work?  Yes, I put it in a bag and take it home at the end of the week to recycle at home.

What was your first job?  Cashier at an auto part store

Most people are surprised to learn: that I speak French


Favorite thing about working at SER: The people! Those we work with and those we serve!