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Cristobal Barboza

"I'm originally from Monterrey, in Nuevo León, Mexico. I moved here with my parents when I was six years old. I am now 23.
My dad moved to Brazoria in search of jobs, and afterwards he took me and my family straight to Houston. We've been living in the southeast area of the city ever since. I am now 23.
Before I got in touch with SER I had been trying to get back to the University, trying to go into finance or analytical mathematics, applied math. But unfortunately I did not have the right qualifications for most scholarship programs. So I started working very hard. I tried to get a couple of jobs, moved out on my own to see if I could save up a little bit better, and just try to achieve what I was told I could achieve: a better life. 
I was only able to work minimum requirement jobs, since I didn't have any training. Anything from cashiering, small time labor, restaurant businesses, bus helper, very, very minimum paid jobs. It wasn't easy. 
I found out about SER through one of my managers. She was invited to the BankWork$ program because she had represented good customer service. Her attitude was really professional. And she saw that I could also benefit from the program, so she invited me to go to the BankWork$ program as well.
[The BankWork$ experience] was amazing. It reminded me of everything I was taught in high school. I have to say the support [was my favorite thing about BankWork$]. If there is one thing I have noticed, it's that not many people have the proper support to help them go through life. And I really, really enjoyed the way the BankWork$ program is set up, with resources to help accommodate the students to reach the higher goals they want to reach. 
I'm going to start as a bank teller at Capital One. I found my job through BankWork$. During the last few days of the program, we began to job search. Look up online, see what they have available, talk to representatives. All of those are things I didn't know about before. You see, in school they teach you about the subjects, but they don't teach you how to achieve or look for those things that you want to look for. And I think that's what BankWork$ excelled in. Because it taught me something completely new. 
I feel like things are finally headed in the right direction. Things are working out to be what I wanted them to be, what my school teachers, what my parents, what my family members have all been trying to see me achieve. So I feel like I'm getting something accomplished. 
I hadn’t really thought about any goals before the BankWork$ program, but after it ended, I've been thinking that I want to buy a house, I want to settle down. I want to improve - I don't want to be a teller forever. I want to see how much I can grow in the company. Maybe see if I can get to corporate. Get my education. Everything. I want the whole cake, and maybe even eat it, too." 
Click here if you'd like to learn more about the BankWork$ program. Enrollment is currently underway for the next BankWork$ class, which starts on February 2017.