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Damarcus Savage

In high school, Damarcus Savage (now 22) was a well-rounded student - engaged in his studies, participated in sports, and held an after-school job. As a high school athlete, Damarcus was a natural-born leader and after graduating, committed to Lamar University.

During the summer of 2013, Damarcus’ life took an unexpected turn when  he was involved in a major car accident and suffered a skull fracture. While recovering from his accident, Damarcus was unable to attend any of the freshmen orientation days at Lamar, which prohibited him from enrolling for the fall semester.

“When that happened…I really couldn’t go anymore,” said Damarcus. “It kind of sucked. I wanted to go because I wanted to get the whole being by myself - living on my own kind of feeling. I wanted to do sports…like track or try out for the basketball team.”

After his accident, Damarcus was determined to get back into his normal routine. He continued to work as a manager for Whataburger and enrolled at Houston Community College to major in Communications & Media Arts.

Despite his best efforts Damarcus’ grades weren’t up to parand he made the decision to re-enroll once he was able to pay for his own courses and maintain a higher-grade point average.

Damarcus knew that he didn’t want to work in fast food forever  and begin to seek out better employment options. In 2016, when he voiced his concerns to his girlfriend’s mother (a BankWork$ graduate and SER alumni), she recommended that he visit SER and see which trainings would best fit him.

“Since I had the cash handling experience, [my girlfriend’s mom] thought that [the BankWork$ course] would be better for me,” said Damarcus. “I did the test and the mock interview with Jose and like three other people and they seemed to like me when I did it, you know. I was really confident about everything. Before BankWork$, I tried [to apply at] Chase once, but I think I failed the test.”

“You’re in [the training] for 8 weeks. Other people…they not really doing all this extra research about everything,” said Damarcus. “[In this program, we’re] learning about different aspects of the banks. People that are coming in [who apply to banks on their own], usually have experience or they have none at all – they’re just winging it. [We’re] actually trying though – [we] have a [guaranteed] reference.”

Despite always being one of the first to take the lead on group assignments, Damarcus was careful not to outshine his classmates.

“I liked it, I felt like it helped out. It showed me that I could be a good leader,” said Damarcus. “I quit Whataburger because I knew that if I wanted to be really dedicated to actually doing this, I needed to be available. [During training], I was working overnight at Whataburger and if I [went to] work the night before, I’d be really tired during the day in the class. If I fell asleep in the class then I wouldn’t get anything out of it…it would not have benefitted me.”

After the BankWork$ graduation in March 2017, Damarcus interviewed with several banks on-site, and shortly thereafter, received a call to interview with BB&T for a Teller position opening. Damarcus was sure this was the opportunity for him.

“I wanted to complete the program,” said Damarcus.“I was hoping to get as many interviews as possible, see what skills I needed to improve on, and see which ones I was really good at, you know.”

Damarcus was offered a position with BB&T, where he will start on June 29th.

Once Damarcus is more established in his position, he plans to move into his own home, enroll in HCC for business management, and eventually obtain his bachelor’s degree from The University of Houston-Downtown.

Damarcus encourages  individuals to consider checking out SER and/or the BankWork$ program.

“Just try it,” said Damarcus.”It could possibly change your life.”