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Daniel Banda

“I am 18 years old, going to be 19 next month. I have both my parents, mom and dad, and a little sister. She is four years younger than me. 
I would say [my childhood] was pretty normal. I was born in Mexico, in Tamaulipas. I moved to Houston when I was two. I've been here for so long that I just seem like other Houstonians. 
Three months after I graduated from high school, I heard about SER. [I was looking for] mostly training. I always see training as more valuable than anything else. I learned about [SER] through a job counselor for my school. Even though I graduated, she still sends messages and emails about things that pop up. And I got one for an office work program, to work in an office as an office manager. And while I was there I learned about the BankWork$ program. I got more interested in that.
My favorite part [of BankWork$] was the connections between us and our instructor. I had Jose [Velez, SER BankWork$ Instructor and Coordinator] and Erica [Tirado, SER Workforce Development Lead]. The bond that the class had was strong, and we kind of became friends with each other. And I felt like Jose was harder on us, but I understood why: if you got employed, there would be responsibilities and standards that are required. 
We had our interviews on the day of our graduation. And Capital One and Wells Fargo were the ones who were there to do interviews on the spot. A district manager was there to interview me from Capital One. I must've made a good impression with her. 
After the interview, there was a waiting period, I think of two days. I got a call back from Capital One Human Resources, telling me about the position, giving me specifics, and I accepted.
I started on the last week of January. It's been pretty swell. My coworkers are very interesting. The location that I work in is very busy. The part I like the most is talking with the customers. Having conversations with them. Sometimes it becomes small talk; I learn a bit about them, which I enjoy. 
I would say that the training, and the resources that SER and BankWork$ gave me were tremendous, because if I went straight to try and get employment, I feel like I would've made a lot of errors. And otherwise wouldn't be able to get this opportunity.
Now that I'm working with Capital One, there are resources I can use to help continue college, which I want to do. Work towards my Associate's, and then move up to Bachelor's and as far as I want to take it. I'm gonna stay here for a while. Learn more of the system and see if I can move up. Then I do want to continue with my education.” 
Click here if you'd like to learn more about the BankWork$ program.