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Eduardo Del Valle

At age 43 Eduardo Del Valle decided it was time to launch a new career path.

“I didn’t want any more temporary jobs; I was ready for a career,” said Eduardo, “and it looked like SER could help me with that.”

Born in Brownsville, Eduardo moved with his family to Matamoros, Mexico when he was a baby and stayed until Eduardo was 15. His family returned to Texas, first moving to San Benito but eventually settling in Houston where they have close relatives.

Eduardo graduated from high school in San Benito and began looking for work as soon as they arrived in Houston.

“I had heard there were many jobs here,” said Eduardo, “but with only a high school education, I couldn’t find anything that paid well.”

Thus began Eduardo’s journey of working low-paying jobs with few benefits.

“I went from job to job to job,” said Eduardo, “but my lack of education and credentials kept me from better opportunities.”

Eduardo took on many temporary positions through the years as he struggled to make a living.

“I’ve worked as a waiter, in general labor, warehousing, construction, refineries, as a delivery driver, taxi driver, and others,” said Eduardo, “but couldn’t find a job that was permanent or that paid well.”

Although many of his jobs were long-term – some lasting as long as four years - they were gained through temporary staffing agencies and always ended without an offer for permanent employment.

“There was opportunity for me to work,” said Eduardo, “but it was always others with more education that were promoted above me or given the permanent jobs.”

Eduardo took a temporary job assembling air conditioning units. Although the company contracted out their welding jobs, it was here that Eduardo developed an interest in welding.

“Learning to weld just seemed like a good idea,” said Eduardo. “I felt like it would be job with a future.”

That job only lasted a few months, and from 2010 to 2014, Eduardo put his welding dreams on hold. He took another temporary position, this time as a machine operator. When that position was outsourced to Mexico, he only found odd jobs here and there.

 “For two years I barely worked,” said Eduardo, “I basically lived in my van or stayed with friends.”

Eduardo grew tired of that lifestyle and knew that to be able to have a normal life and support a family, things had to change.

“Life wasn’t working for me, and I had to push myself to do something different,” said Eduardo, “I was in my early forties, and knew I wanted a wife and children, but kept putting it off.”

Eduardo decided to go to Workforce Solutions for help. While there, Eduardo noticed a SER flyer advertising several upcoming training classes.

Eduardo attended SER’s information Session and learned that a welding course was on the calendar. Thrilled that he could finally embark on a career in welding, Eduardo immediately signed up.

“It was a long course and I knew it would be hard,” said Eduardo, “but I was determined to finish.”

Over the 10-week training, Eduardo learned useful skills and gained confidence in himself.

“It was real hard at first,” said Eduardo, “but my teacher encouraged me and [praised] my work, and things started falling into place.

I made real good friends, and we would help and encourage each other a lot – we would push each other to do our best.”

Soon after Eduardo completed the course in December 2017, he was hired by Piping Technology and Products.

“For the first time in a long time, I sleep worry-free,” said Eduardo, “I’m not stressed anymore, and I am starting to live a better life.”

With Eduardo’s full-time, permanent job, he is able to take care of his mom and his nephew as he works toward paying off his debts and improving his credit score.

“Welding jobs are everywhere,” said Eduardo, “and now I know I’ll always have a career. No excuses.”

Eduardo hopes that his experiences can help others who are struggling to make ends meet.

“I would encourage anyone that needs help to go to SER,” said Eduardo, “not just for the trainings and help with employment but for help in deciding what to do with their lives.”

“SER helped me gain confidence,” said Eduardo, “it is a place for opportunities.”

Eduardo has never been happier about the direction his life is headed.

“Thanks to SER, I’m a changed man now, and I’m living a great life,” said Eduardo, “now I can focus on starting a family and looking forward to my future.”