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Jeremy Crain

Native Houstonian, Jeremy Crain, 22, hoped for a future in the political arena.

Jeremy’s father is a life-long social worker, having worked for HoustonWorks, SER, and now the City of Houston’s Health Department, and his mother is a teacher specialized in special education, which played a large part in his early life when he needed out of school education.

Jeremy has one older brother who has had a positive influence on him.

“[My brother] has had a huge impact on my life,” said Jeremy, “as older siblings tend to do I believe.”

As a young child Jeremy suffered from chronic sinus infections, mostly localized in his ears. This eventually led to necessary surgery to remove his adenoids and tonsils. One strange side-effect of those infections was hearing impairment.

“I was never able to hear well,” said Jeremy, “and thus developed a speech impediment and dyslexia.”

Because of his health issues, Jeremy read below grade level from kindergarten to third grade.

Determined to catch up to his peers, Jeremy underwent extensive after-school education with his mother’s help and special in-school programs with a speech therapist. His mother’s field of expertise was critical to Jeremy’s educational success.

With that help, Jeremy exceeded expectations, and was fortunate to attend East Early College High School, located on Milby near Flores Library and the Felix Fraga Houston Community College Campus.

“I graduated from East Early in 2013 and started attending HCC back in the summer of 2011,” said Jeremy, “the way EECHS worked when I was attending was if you were advanced enough in your schooling you would take a college preparatory class the spring of your freshman year and then take your first college class the summer between freshman and sophomore years. I took one to two college classes every summer through high school in order to graduate with my Associate’s Degree at the same time I received my high school diploma. It is an absolutely incredible program that was helped by some stellar teachers!”

With the college credits he earned at HCC, he went on to graduate from the University of Houston in two years.

Jeremy knew that studying political science can effect lasting change and open up a wide range of job opportunities in both the public, private, and not-for-profit private sectors.

“I chose political science out of an interest to effect changes in policy to help make people’s lives better,” said Jeremy, “it turns out there are a great number of ways you can help people, like through the programs SER operates every day, but at the time political science seemed like a way to make lasting change for the better. I have found that it is a tough field to get a job in that actually relates to the degree, and I am extremely thankful that SER was there to give me this opportunity!”

“It was during college that I learned of the SER Summer Jobs Program,” said Jeremy, “which partnered with the City of Houston to offer positions with City Council and the Mayor’s Office, the perfect match for my political science degree.”

Through a partnership with the City of Houston, SER has placed hundreds of youth (ages 16-21) in paid summer internships in a variety of city departments annually through its Summer Jobs Program since 2014.

Benefits of participation in the program are that interns are provided with strength-based coaching, job readiness training (how to find a job and keep a job), and financial literacy. These program components help prepare students for bright futures.

“I applied the summer after I graduated, and my interviewer, who worked for one of the council members, was so impressed she asked that I be placed in her office, District H,” said Jeremy.

As the summer program was winding down, the council member contacted Jeremy and asked if he would be willing to stay on in his position, which he readily agreed to.

By that time, Jeremy had proven his abilities and his potential.

Nine months later there was a turnover in the office, and the Chief of Staff position became available. Jeremy decided to throw his hat in the ring, and Council Member Karla Cisneros hired him for the position.

“She said yes,” said Jeremy, “and here I am!”

Jeremy credits SER and the Summer Jobs Program with opening doors and providing him the opportunity to prove his worth.

“I would absolutely not be here if it were not for the SER Summer Jobs Program,” said Jeremy, ”getting your foot in the door is the hardest part sometimes, and the SER Summer Jobs Program is key to giving young people in Houston that opportunity.”