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Jonathan Hudson

Jonathan Hudson, age 20, came to SER after losing everything during Hurricane Harvey.

“SER turned out to be exactly what I needed,” said Jonathan.

Jonathan Hudson grew up in the Sunnyside community of Houston. He moved to Pearland while in his teens, where he graduated from Pearland Turner High School at age 16.

Although Jonathan had future plans which included obtaining a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he was forced to drop out of Houston Community College after his first semester when he learned he had a baby on the way.

Shortly thereafter, he found himself without a home, although he was able to financially provide for his daughter, now two years old.

“I bounced around from house to house at that time because I was homeless,” said Jonathan, “but I had two jobs to take care of my daughter and a car that I had paid for.”

Jonathan had no problem finding employment but, with no experience or industry credentials, he couldn’t find a job that he found fulfilling or that paid a wage that would provide a comfortable lifestyle.

As a single father, Jonathan was forced to take any job that would pay the bills, ranging from fast food to retail to construction to security.

 “I worked a lot of different jobs but I never felt like any of them fit me,” said Jonathan.

Jonathan looked forward to the day he could find a great job that paid a living wage. Not only would he take care of his family, but he wanted to also be able to help others. Jonathan had always had the heart of a philanthropist.

“One day I got lucky with a welding job and it was the only place that would hire me, unskilled and untrained,” said Jonathan.

“I realized I loved doing it and it could be a good way to make money and aid my inner-philanthropist.  Sadly I was laid off before the storm and no one would hire me because of my age and lack of experience, and with the absence of credentials and certifications. 

Soon after the hurricane came, and I lost everything, [including] my home and truck.”

Struggling to survive and looking for work, Jonathan came across an ad for SER’s welding course on Craigslist. He filled out an application, and was soon put in touch with career coach, Alejandra Quiroga.

At first, Jonathan thought the ad was for a welding position, but was thrilled and grateful when he realized it was for an industry-recognized training course.

“When I found out it was an NCCER Welding Training Course, and it was free,” said Jonathan, “it was just what I had been looking for.”

Jonathan was determined to complete the class, even though it meant getting little sleep. The class was from 8 am to 5 pm every day.

And, since Jonathan is the sole support for his daughter, he also worked at the time, usually until 3:00 in the morning.

“I went for three months with very little sleep,” said Jonathan, “but it’s all been worth it.”

“SER turned out to be exactly what I needed,” said Jonathan, “now my resume is professional, and I am more marketable.”

“Within two weeks [after completing the course] I had plenty job offers coming from everywhere,” said Jonathan, “then a few weeks later, I’m working full time.”

From losing all his possessions in Hurricane Harvey to acquiring a great job with Trinity Steel Fabricators, Jonathan has made tremendous strides within a few short months.

“I am happy to say my lifestyle has [improved] substantially since I've taken the course,” said Jonathan, “and it only gets better from here.”

Jonathan has been able purchase a bigger truck than the one he lost in the hurricane. Now he is working to acquire the valuable tools that will allow him to build his own welding business in the future. He is also working toward getting his DBA license.

“I hope to be a business owner soon,” said Jonathan, “and when I’m able, give back to my community, giving an opportunity to the people in situations such as mine and others less fortunate. “

“I’d like to start a welding school eventually,” said Jay.

“The [SER] experience was awesome; I made plenty of new friends from different walks of life.

I learned that anything I want to do I can do it; the easy route is never acceptable. There will always be obstacles especially when you're doing the right thing, but that's how you know it's worth it.

No pain, no gain.

The harder you work to create your future, the harder it is for anything to get in the way.”