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Linda Upson

“SER helped me build my confidence, which allows me to encourage others.” 

Linda Upson is 57 years old. Before crossing paths with SER, she had been unemployed for two years. She was receiving SNAP benefits and subsidized housing. Linda was not receiving any other type of income, and was in desperate need of a job. 

At SER, Linda was identified as a great candidate for the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). Her training began in February of 2013. As part of SCSEP, Linda was trained on computer skills, customer service, active listening, phone etiquette, and clerical tasks.
After three years in SCSEP and five years of unemployment, Linda accepted a position as a cashier with Houston Habitat for Humanity. Linda is grateful to SER and SCSEP because SER staff connected her to the United Way job bank where she found the job listing for the Houston Habitat for Humanity position she now fills. 
According to Linda, she is using the computer skills she gained through SCSEP in her current position. But SER not only helped her update her clerical skills and computer skills; the impact went beyond that. Through her experience in SCSEP, Linda was made aware of her assets and her self-worth. 
“SER helped me build my confidence,” she says, “which allows me to encourage others.” 
If you would like to know more about the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), click here.

“SER helped me build my confidence,” she says, “which allows me to encourage others.”