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Nemira Jenkins

Nemira Jenkins, now 22, along with her two younger brothers and mom, relocated to Houston after her mother’s 20-year US military service ended in 2012.

The move to Texas was sudden and unplanned. Due to a series of unfortunate events, Nemira and her family were homeless.

“I couldn’t understand why we were homeless,” said Nemira. “My mother served this country for 20 years and we were homeless.”

Things began to look up for the family once they were able to get back on to their feet. Throughout her education, Nemira has always been a model student, until she attended Booker T. Washington HS and her grades began to decline.

“I went from being around a bunch of rich white kids in Florida, to being homeless and going to an all-black school trying to figure out where I fit in at,” said Nemira.

Being amongst the top 25% in her graduating class meant that Nemira would be able to attend any Texas college or university which would help with the cost of tuition. Leaving Booker T. Washington HS to attend C.E King HS, was the best solution for Nemira.

During her first semester at Texas State University in 2013, Nemira discovered that her mother was ill and withdrew from the university the following semester.

At home and in charge, Nemira worked odd jobs in search of a sustainable career. Regardless of how much as she worked, Nemira still found herself in a financial bind.

“I realized that I had more responsibilities…I had just got my first car,” said Nemira. “I was piling on responsibilities before I was ready to... It was weird. I [left to do] doing great things - to be an I’m back at my mom’s house."

Still in search of a stable career, Namira was encouraged by her mother to try SER's BankWork$ program.

“I stumbled upon BankWork$ because my mother [started] the program, but she didn’t finish,” said Nemira.

Despite the commute from Dayton, TX to Houston every morning, Nemira was determined to finish what she started.

“This was something I wanted to do,” said Nemira. “I’ve [driven further] for things that didn’t benefit me at all – why not do this for [an opportunity] that could lead me towards a career path, possibly reimburse me for tuition.”

Nemira described the overall BankWork$ program to be awesome and inviting. Nemira’s instructor, Jose Velez, SER BankWork$ Instructor and Workforce Development Lead, made a lasting impression on her that she would never forget.

“Sometimes my sarcasm was too harsh and can come off as being rude,” said Nemira. “Jose taught me how to do it in a more respectful and tasteful way in which I could still be myself.”

After Jose shared his own personal adversities with the class, Nemira had a newfound outlook on life.

“I was like ‘wow, that’s crazy!’ He is passionate about what he is doing," said Namira. "He is here on time every day and still has his own problems. He was willing to come out here to help us get our stuff together. I thought that was really awesome and I appreciate him sharing his [story] with us. [Jose] sharing that with us gave me even more drive."

Nemira was excited about BankWork$ graduation.

"I worked [hard] to get here – [graduation] meant something to me," said Nemira. "I was at the top of my class… that made me feel like I actually accomplished something."

A week after graduation, Nemira received compelling offers from financial institutions present during graduation, but decided that working as a Teller for Wells Fargo was best suited for her.

In the future, Nemira plans to establish her credit so she can pursue purchasing a home for herself and her family. She also wants to devise a plan to bring in residual income - hopefully by owning her own business. Lastly, Nemira plans on revisiting her education goals and finish taking the courses she has left to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree.

"I started to realize that I am more blessed than I thought," said Nemira. "Even though life happens, you still have to progress. You can’t make excuses. I put my mind to it and I did it – I got the results I wanted."