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Samantha Composano

As a teenager in the 9th grade, Samantha Composano was confronted with a lot of mayhem and drama amongst her peers in high school when she became pregnant with her first child. Before year-end of 2011, Samantha dropped out of high school and never looked back.

Now at the age of twenty-two and a mother of 3 children (ages 7, 6, and 1 years old), Samantha and her boyfriend of 7 years decided that it would be best if she stayed home to care for the children, while he took care of the family financially.

Although her high school memories were of the past, attaining her GED has always been something Samantha wanted to achieve for herself. Six years later, the encouragement of her family and partner lead Samantha to believe that it was time for her to finally put her thoughts into actions.

 “I was talking to my friend Brittany one day about my GED and she told about the YouthBuild program she was doing at SER,” said Samantha. “The program sounded good and it was what I always wanted to do…so I signed up.”

As a busy mom of 3, Samantha time was valuable and SER’s YouthBuild program allowed her to be in control of her schedule. While the oldest two children attended school during the day, Samantha attended YouthBuild and was done with school by the time the kids were home.

Prior to the program, Samantha always made good grades and excelled in her studies; she felt as though she was smarter than the grade level she was in.

With perfect attendance and dedication, Samantha satisfied her GED requirements within 2 weeks of enrolling into YouthBuild.

“Ms. Gordon, YouthBuild Houston’s GED instructor, was awesome,” said Samantha. “Although I didn’t need as much assistance with my subjects, she was always there when I needed help.”

“I really liked the YouthBuild program and Ms. Sivivian Merrick, SER’s YouthBuild Operations Manager. She wanted the best for us. She would check on us all the time and make sure that we were okay and had everything we needed. She was very down-to-earth and honest…I think that’s why we cliqued.”

In August 2017, with hard work and determination, Samantha and 27 fellow YouthBuild Houston and 8 Million Stories members celebrated earning their GEDs and occupational credentials at SER’s Youth Services graduation.

With completing her GED in such a short period of time and with the help of SER, Samantha pursued additional education. Samantha always had a desire for cosmetology and wanted to make her passion a reality.

In September 2017, Samantha enrolled in the Paul Mitchell School - Houston’s cosmetology course with the hopes of becoming a professional cosmetologist. The students in the course follows a 3 part rigorous curriculum in which they are taking on advanced hair techniques, real-world skills, and independence as they move through each stage of the cosmetology program. With the completion of 1500 program hours, Samantha’s anticipated graduation date is August 2018.