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Stanley Newman

For Stanley Newman, a 28-year old devoted father of two and recent BankWork$ graduate, the journey toward success hasn’t always been the easiest path.

Stanley learned to be independent and do things for himself after his parents died when he was seven.

“I was in and out of the foster care system until I was able to be adopted by a family member,” said Stanley.

Although he was happy to be out of the foster care system, his relationship with the relative he lived with was unhealthy.

“At the age of 18, I decided that it was time for a change,” said Stanley. “It was time for me to be on my own, in another state, so I moved to Texas.”

Once in Texas, Stanley enrolled in college at Texas Southern University with the hopes of earning his degree in Social Work with a minor in Kinesiology. The financial burden of school, plus taking care of his family was extremely difficult to manage at the same time. Finding a job was his primary objective, which meant he couldn’t focus on school as much as he would have liked to. This led to Stanley making the difficult choice to put his education on hold to ensure he could provide for his family.

Going from one odd job to the next, Stanley tried to make ends meet. As Stanley looked back on a few odd jobs in particular, he shared the memory of when he was working as a forklift operator for a large warehouse.

“Although the money was substantial enough for the bills to get paid, I was never around my growing family,” Stanley said. “I lived an hour away from my job and worked 15 hours a day. I barely had time to enjoy the few hours with my children before having to get ready for work the next day. This was not what I envisioned my life to be. I felt like no one saw my vision and passion to be a successful and better man. A better father.”

Stanley knew working for any job for minimal pay was not the path that he wanted to take. He knew that he had to make a name for himself and for his family. Stanley had the skillsets to make a career but was not sure of the direction he should go.

“I was a jack of all trades,” said Stanley. “I knew I had to find something and stick with it.”

In his search for a more long-term solution, Stanley’s mentor provided him with information about the BankWork$ program and after much deliberation, Stanley decided to apply.

“While in the BankWork$ program, our instructor, Erica, made us all feel welcome,” said Stanley. “She taught us how to be confident in ourselves, to appreciate the things in life that we have, and not focus on our wants.”

“The Bankwork$ program was a great learning experience. The program really taught me a lot about my communication style, and how to present and represent myself to others and employers because you never know who may be watching you.”

The day of the BankWork$ graduation was one of the happier times of Stanley’s life. He was able to share the incredible experience with his two children.

“The feeling was overwhelming and exciting,” said Stanley. “I did it!”

The experience and dedication Stanley put forth was not for just another job – this was the start of a new career path.

“I went in to graduation with a sense of calmness around me,” said Stanley. “I was not nervous [about] if I would do well on my interviews. I knew that the hard work I had done had paid off. I spent countless nights practicing and coaching myself at home on proper interview techniques and business etiquette. For the first time in a while, I was confident and knew that I was going to walk away from my interviews leaving a lasting impression on the employers present.”

Stanley’s looks forward to sharing his story with his children when they are old enough to understand and appreciate the hard work and sacrifices he made for his family.

 “The journey was definitely not the easiest, but it’s made me stronger,” said Stanley.

Stanley recently accepted a Relationship Banker position with Capital One, which he is eager to start on April 17th.

Stanley attributes his success to those whom have supported him along the way, the SER team, the Bankwork$ instructors, and the BankWork$ partners.

“The advice I would give is to ‘just do it!’,” said Stanley. “Go after your dreams and apply yourself and believe that you will be successful and everything else will come together.”