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Stephanie Guevara

“SER really, really changed my life,” said Stephanie Guevara.

Stephanie, age 20, grew up with her family, including two younger sisters in a close-knit, hard-working family in Pasadena, Texas. Her father, mother, grandparents, and maternal uncle all lived in the household and all held full-time jobs.

Quiet and studious, Stephanie strived to make good grades. She graduated from Pasadena Memorial High School on time, in spite of becoming pregnant in her junior year. Stephanie credits her very supportive family for helping her achieve that goal.

After graduation, Stephanie went to work in her husband’s family business. She soon realized that there was no future for her there, and after a few months, Stephanie decided to stay home with their daughter for a time.

Stephanie was a stay-at-home mom for a year, but as her relationship fell apart, Stephanie knew it was time to make changes in her life.

“I was so tired of my life at that time,” said Stephanie, “I feel I was stuck in a routine without a future.”

The newly-single mom considered taking classes at San Jacinto College, but needed to find a good job right away so that she could support herself and her daughter.

Her grandmother knew SER Career Coach Alejandra Quiroga and advised Stephanie to give Alejandra a call.

Stephanie met with Alejandra, who believed Stephanie would be a great fit for SER. Alex suggested that Stephanie attend BankWork$, an eight-week SER training course that prepares participants for lasting careers in the financial services industry.

Stephanie enrolled right away and did well, but the eight-week course turned into ten weeks, due to Hurricane Harvey.

“I was determined to do well in class, turning in my work on time,” said Stephanie, “not even the Hurricane kept me from going. I loved going to class.”

SER BankWork$ instructor, Erica Tirado, inspired Stephanie throughout the course.

“Ms. Erica is the best,” said Stephanie, “I don’t know what I would have done without her guidance. She always made sure I had everything I needed.”

Stephanie is very grateful for BankWork$ and the opportunities that it opened for her.

“I loved BankWork$; I learned a lot,” said Stephanie, “It was very, very helpful to me and my life.”

The day of BankWork$ graduation, SER hosted a job fair for graduates. Representatives from several banks and financial services companies attended the event.

While there, Stephanie met with Loomis representatives, and within a week she was hired.

“BankWork$ led me to the job I have now," said Stephanie.

Stephanie loves her new job as a Teller with the Loomis Cash Management Services Team.

“I would never have been able to get this position without SER,” said Stephanie, “I would never have even known about it.”

As she settles into her new job at Loomis, Stephanie is very grateful for the support and encouragement of SER staff and the training she received through BankWork$.

“Now I can provide better for myself and my daughter,” said Stephanie, “SER really, really changed my life.”

Career Coach Alejandra Quiroga knew Stephanie would succeed. “It was a pleasure working with Stephanie! Such a bright young lady, always ready to give a smile to those in need of one," said Alejandra, "I am so glad she was able to complete the BankWork$ program and secure employment right away.”

To others who are seeking better employment options, Stephanie advises them to look into SER and the training courses offered there.

“Don’t hesitate to contact SER,” said Stephanie, “they offer so many opportunities.”