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Tiffany Pauquette

I grew up in Houston. I joined the military at 18 because I wanted to serve my country. I’ve been gone for 12 years. 
In the Navy I was a mechanic. I worked on helicopters. I was stationed in Sicily, Italy, for two years. It was beautiful. I lived in Mexico for a year. I finished the rest of my time in Virginia, and that's where I met my husband. We got married in 2005, and I became a housewife. He stayed in the military. 
My husband then went from the Navy to the Army, so I basically followed him to Colorado. And we were there for five years. Then he deployed to Afghanistan. While [in Colorado] I got my degree in 2014. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management. 
I moved back to Houston because I'm going through a divorce. I'm a single mom now and I have three kids, ages 10, 9, and 4. My husband stayed over there in Oregon. 
I haven't been working in 8 years, so it's time for me to start working. I [heard about SER] through my aunt. She works at the Community Center off of Harrisburg Boulevard. I had just moved here, and I had started applying to a few jobs here and there. My aunt told me about what she did, and where she worked, so I went to visit her for lunch. That's when she told me about SER, and there was an information session coming up. So I went to that. and learned about BankWork$. Then I just waited until the class started.
[The BankWork$ program] was good. It was not something that I expected. I assumed we would be doing more math, and more cash handling, but it was all things that we needed to know, that most people never learn to do. Like interviewing. My aunt is actually considering doing the program herself.
[By the end of the program] I was excited. I had my resume done, I had applied to every bank that was going to be there to interview/sponsor us, and I was prepared for the interview process after graduation. I heard great things already from the regional manager from Wells Fargo. He was very interested in me and he couldn't wait to speak to me after the interview. Nothing but good things from Wells Fargo. 
I start my job on Thursday. I'm so excited. I have everything prepared. I just can't wait to go. It'll be easier for me and the kids. Not to depend on anyone anymore. 
I want to get my own place. Because so far I've been moving around. I’m on my third address this year. I have a goal right now to move out of my dad's house in 4 to 6 months, get my own place, and then get my own vehicle. Because my soon-to-be-ex wants his truck back. I haven't really thought past that, because I've already achieved my goal of obtaining a job by August. 
And I achieved it a month earlier.
Information sessions take place every Tuesday at 1:30 pm at SER-Jobs for Progress - 201 Broadway Street, Houston, TX 77012. Call 713-773-6000 for more information.
If you want to learn more about the BankWork$ program, click here